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Simple, stirring cover by Boston magazine design director Brian Struble using actual running shoes worn in last week’s Boston marathon.


Simple, stirring cover by Boston magazine design director Brian Struble using actual running shoes worn in last week’s Boston marathon.

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Photographer @BrandenHarvey Turns Instagram Followers Into Friends

Branden Harvey (@brandenharvey) is passionate about community. As the Portland, Oregon-based photographer states on his profile, “I believe your story matters,” and as one of Oregon’s top InstaMeet organizers and the creator of the #storyportrait hashtag, he means it. So far over 1,000 photos have been submitted to the #storyportrait tag, which Branden created to encourage people to “share the stories of the people in your life. Authentically. Genuinely. Lovingly.”

Whether he’s exploring with other Instagrammers he just met, or traveling to India on a trip partly funded by his Instagram connections, Branden’s perfected the art of turning Instagram connections into real-life friends. Check out his top tips for how to follow suit below and be sure to follow him at @brandenharvey.

  • Take genuine interest in people and ask solid questions. Learn about pasts: where people are coming from. Learn about futures: what they’re hopeful about. Then find out how they’re going to get from point A to point B.
  • Don’t be afraid to meet in real life. Get coffee, visit bookstores, attend Instameets or get lost taking photos in a forest.
  • Be the most encouraging person you know. Look for awesome ways to compliment people’s work that you admire.
  • Cultivate your sense of adventure. Take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. Crash on people’s couches, buy plane tickets and plan road trips with people you’ve never met before. (But use common sense when possible)

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Watch: New view of Daytona crash from the stands.

Kyle Larson’s Chevrolet went airborne into the Daytona International Speedway frontstretch catchfence after being collected in a last-lap crash triggered when leader Regan Smith tried to block a move by Brad Keselowski off Turn 4 in the Drive4COPD 300. Both a tire and Larson’s engine reached the grandstand side of the catchfence in the 12-car wreck.

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(Source: Tim Simmons / Via Jeff Gluck)

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Perspective on Apple amid the clamour



This article was originally published by The Financial Times and is now available on ft.com.

It is ironic that both Dell and Apple shared big news last week.

Back in 1998 Michael Dell, then the crown prince of the personal computer industry, recommended that Steve Jobs shut down Apple, which was in dire shape, and distribute the proceeds to shareholders. By contrast, reflecting the turmoil now afflicting all PC makers, Mr Dell is negotiating to borrow money to make his company disappear from public view. Apple, meanwhile, announced that its shareholders would receive a Valentine’s day dividend of $2.5bn – a tiny portion of its $137bn cash pile.

But Apple earnings announced on Wednesday, and the subsequent fall in the value of its stock, grabbed more headlines than Dell’s prospective leveraged buyout. Moments after the financial figures were released, which showed a slowing growth rate, soothsayers took their gloomy predictions to the Twittergraph. The hordes who bought Apple stock in the past few years stampeded for the exits.

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